Safety at Saute Moutons Jetboating
Your safety is our #1 priority

Lachine Rapids Tours Ltd, operate 3 jet boats named “Saute-Moutons”.

The boats were built here in Montreal with the goal of riding the Lachine Rapids in a very safe manner.

Since 1983, over half a million passengers from around the world have experienced our jet boat ride through the Lachine Rapids. Our record in the office of transport security is impeccable.

Every year, more than 25 000 passengers including 6 000 youths from schools and summer camps, discover the natural beauty of the Lachine rapids.

Our operations are regulated by the Ministry of Transport of Canada. Lachine Rapids Tours is also subject to provincial laws and is licensed to operate a passenger ship in Quebec.

The Saute-Moutons captains are licensed on ships of 60 passengers or less and 60 tons or less of gross tonnage, as prescribed by Transport Canada.

Our trips are designed to satisfy all types of clients. Whether it be a grade one class, teenagers, or a seniors group, the captains steer the Saute-Moutons so that everyone enjoys the ride and returns with the feeling of having had a unique and entertaining experience.

Finally, boarding a Saute-Moutons boat is living an experience combining security and adrenaline without forgetting the unique aspect of the activity.

For any other questions, do not hesitate to contact us by email or phone.

Have a great summer.

The Saute-Moutons crew

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